Caitlin Van Horn

Director | Designer | Storyteller

Caitlin Van Horn is a freelance, multidisciplinary creative focusing on directing, designing and conceptual storytelling.

Art Director | Designer | Writer

Caitlin Van Horn is a multidisciplinary creative focusing on live action art direction & design. After receiving a B.A. in Fine Art she continued to study photography, graphic design and the indispensable value of the written word. Through her own artistic evolution, Caitlin has discovered her unique voice as an art director and conceptual storyteller. Her greatest desire is to create cinematic gold, allowing every detail and frame to enhance the narrative and illuminate what is unseen. Infusing intuitive concepts with impactful visuals, connecting to the audience and leaving unbridled, lasting impressions is paramount to the authenticity of her craft. With a unique eye and broad aesthetic Caitlin strives to breathe life into visionary and compelling stories. She currently serves as Senior Designer at Loyalkaspar in New York City and is always looking for ways to nourish her artistic expression through collaborations with fellow creatives.

Caitlin also curates her blog, Roost, writes poetry, watches copious amounts of films and feeds her voracious right brain with a myriad of inspiring imagery.